How To: Use the Apple Magic Mouse on your Windows PC

Back in October 2009, Apple released the Magic Mouse, the first pointing device with a multi-touch surface. Like with the iPod or the iPhone, you interact with the device using gestures. And of course like with any other mouse, you can click it: The mouse itself is the button!

The Magic Mouse

I bought the Magic Mouse from the London Apple Store during a quick trip there and because my previous mouse was a Logitech MX518, when I first started using the Magic Mouse I got a little bit disappointed by the lack of precision when trying to do some very detailed work. Getting it to work with Windows 7 is not that difficult, all you have to do is follow the simple steps of this how-to.

Getting the drivers

A while ago Apple introduced the option to install Windows on its Intel-based Macs. To install Windows, one had to get Apple’s Bootcamp software, which then lets you run a compatible version of Windows. Of course Boot Camp also includes device drivers for Windows, so what we are going to do is extract them, and use them to correctly install the Magic Mouse on our Windows PC.

Depending on your Windows installation architecture, download one of the Bootcamp versions below:

Boot Camp Software Update 3.1 for Windows 32 bit
Boot Camp Software Update 3.1 for Windows 64 bit

I used to host the extracted Magic Mouse drivers on a blazing fast VPS.NET cloud server, but unfortunately Apple asked me to take down the files.

Setting up your Magic Mouse

To extract the drivers from the Bootcamp executables you will need to download & install 7zip which you can download from SourceForge here

  1. After you installed 7zip and downloaded Bootcamp, just copy it to an empty folder.
  2. Right click on it -> 7zip -> Extract Here. From the extracted files, right click on BootCampUpdate32.msp (32 bit) or BootCampUpdate64.msp (64 bit) and again, extract the files using 7zip, only this time choose Extract to "BootCampUpdate".
  3. Double click on the newly created folder, you will see a bunch of files and two folders inside.
  4. Double click on the BootCamp31ToBootCamp303 folder and scroll down to the end where you will see some Binary.* files.
  5. Yes you’re right, those are the driver files from Apple and the file names are pretty self-explanatory 🙂 So just right click on the Binary.MultiTouchMouse_Bin file, and extract the files using 7zip by clicking on the Extract to "Binary" option (you might want to change the folder name to something like MagicMouseDrivers, and keep a copy so you don’t have to do this process again if you ever format your hard drive).
  6. Now go into the folder and double click the DPInst.exe executable.
    Note: If you use a non-English version of Windows and get an error that your language is not supported, open the DPInst.xml file with a text editor and add the following text in line 5. Then save the file, and run DPInst.exe again:

  7. The driver installation wizard will start, just accept the License Agreement, click Next, let the drivers install, and if everything goes fine you should end up with this screen.
  8. I assume that you already have installed your bluetooth controller and it’s drivers (if not, do so now) and now the only thing left to do is pair the Magic Mouse with the PC.

  9. Turn your Magic Mouse on, click Start, type Add a Bluetooth device on the search box, and Press Enter. A screen like this should appear.
  10. Click on the Apple Magic Mouse icon, and press Next. Wait for the wizard to complete and press Close. In a few moments a device driver installation will start in the tray and a bit later you will see this.
  11. You’re ready to go! Enjoy your new mouse 🙂

I hope this tutorial helped you on how to properly install your Magic Mouse on Windows and that you didn’t run into any issues during the device installation process. Thanks for reading and hey! why not contact me through twitter @georgetasioulis

135 thoughts on “How To: Use the Apple Magic Mouse on your Windows PC

  1. McButterBoo

    Hi, I’ve tried these instructions and all went well until I got the BootCamp 3.1.exe package from apple. When I went to extract the files with 7zip, there was only 1 folder called “.rsrc” and some other files. So, I couldn’t get the necessary files out from the two folders you said were in the package. Any ideas? Thanks!

  2. McButterBoo

    Hey, scratch that last comment I wrote. What I did that fixed my problem was I took the “BootCamp_3.1_32-bit.exe” file and extracted three files from that using WinRAR. One of those three files that were extracted was “BootCampUpdate32”. I then used 7zip to extract the files from “BootCampUpdate32” and from that there were all of the other files that were missing from the first step using 7zip. I don’t know if this is happening for anybody else, but if it is then just read my two comments and I’m sure you can figure it out.

    1. George Tasioulis Post author

      Hi there, looks like there’s another way on extracting files on the 32 bit version of Bootcamp.
      I’ll download the file from Apple later today, try it out and update the post accordingly.

      Thanks for the heads up!

    2. George Tasioulis Post author

      I checked the 32 bit version, and there doesn’t seem to be something different than what I’ve written on steps 1, 2 and 3.

      Actually when I read your comment again, I think we are saying the same thing 🙂

  3. babis

    Hi everyone,

    i try this trick to my windows 7 greek language and it doesn’t work because its not the right language can anyone help me please???


    1. George Tasioulis Post author

      Hey Babis,

      What exactly is the error you’re getting? In which step of the process?
      My notebook has Windows 7 Greek installed, and the Apple Magic Mouse drivers work fine.

      Please let me know where you’re stuck and I’ll try to help.

    1. George Tasioulis Post author

      Open the DPInst.xml file with a text editor and in line 5 right under:


      Save the file, and run DPInst.exe again.

      The first 10 lines of the DPInst.xml file should look like this:

  4. babis

    Yes now it work perfect thank yo very much!!!!!
    Scroll work just fine but not thtwo-finger swipe or screen zoom is that normal??

  5. Amy

    Hi there, looks like there’s another way on extracting files on the 32 bit version of Bootcamp.
    I’ll download the file from Apple later today, try it out and update the post accordingly.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  6. Bruce

    Hi everyone,

    i try this trick to my windows 7 greek language and it doesn’t work because its not the right language can anyone help me please???



    It works! After 7 days of no sleep, trying to figure out the scrolling, you app works! Zoom also. The only thing that does not function right (and I’m so okay with that) is the flick om the mouse. How much do I owe you…………………………..

  8. Don

    This is awesome!!! Thanks sooo much for this! I was able to rip the 3.1 64bit drivers myself! I was using older Magic Mouse drivers I found on the internet somewhere and It lagged every 6 minutes or so! but not anymore! Worked like a charm! I’m so happy, thanks soooo much!!!!

  9. Manny

    George, the way you show us how to enable this device is clear and so simple to do. I followed it step by step and it works! I use some advices from other sites but unfortunately didn’t work. So, congratulations to your thoughts and my advice to all is just follow your procedure, that’s it. My mouse now works great without any problem. Thanks again. I use Windows 7.

  10. Jeremy Thake

    Great tutorial, this actually works ok (left and right click work and mouse moves) with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate as a base OS on normal Lenovo laptop.

    Although I can’t get scrolling working at all. It installs the drivers fine. In device manager it says its an “HID compliant Mouse” nothing specific about “Apple Magic Mouse”, although on adding a bluetooth device it does say that.
    I’ve tried directly pointing to the .inf with no luck.

    Any ideas?

    1. George Tasioulis Post author

      Hi Jeremy,

      Could you go to Start -> Devices and Printers and see if it’s listed as Apple Magic Mouse there? I’m also using it on a Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate machine, and scrolling works fine.

      Are you sure you downloaded the 64-bit version of Bootcamp? Please try downloading Bootcamp 3.1 64-bit again, from the following location and try the whole process again.

      PS: It’s listed as an “HID compliant Mouse” on my device manager too, so that shouldn’t be the case.

      1. M. Yıldırım

        I did exactly the same things in the instructions, but it is still listed as HID-compliant mouse. Therefore it does not scroll. My system is Toshiba L670 with Windows 7 64 bit i downloaded 64 bit package but yet it still does not scroll. Hope someone can write a good explanation about how to solve this issue. There are lots of people who are like me, who can’t use the scrolling. It seems that this way does not work.

      1. Akash

        This technique worked for me on my old Lenovo just fine.

        It doesn’t scroll on a new Toshiba R700 however 🙁 I’ve tried a bunch of things but no scrolling.

        Any advice?


        1. M. Yıldırım

          i’m trying to get the scrolling on toshiba l670 14-f with windows 7 64 bit, but none of these things are working….

          already downloaded boot camp a couple of times already extracted drivers installed rebooted. I really don’t know what to do puef…

          If you have an idea please help guys.

  11. Akash Bhatia

    Thanks for the write up George. I’m kinda bummed that the 2 finger swipe doesn’t work. To console myself, I’ve reinstalled the ‘All in One Gestures’ Firefox plugin; not the same, but better than nothing.


  12. dublon

    Any ideea for windows xp?
    Ive tried this driver posted here but scroll dosent work, only right and left button.
    what should I do?

  13. dublon

    doesn’t work, the driver remains the same date of driver is 2001, it has to be 11/30/2009. do you know a way to remove completly the old driver?

  14. dublon

    now I managed to install tehe driver,now i have 11/30/2009, but in device manager I have the yelow exclamation mark and scroll doesnt work

    1. George Tasioulis Post author

      Go to Add/Remove Programs and Uninstall the Apple Wireless Mouse driver.
      Also completely disable Bluetooth on your computer, switch off the Magic Mouse, and using a wired mouse go to the Device Manager and right-click -> Uninstall any Apple or Mouse related drivers.

      After that restart your computer, unrar the contents of the archive I posted earlier to a temporary folder, and follow the instructions again starting from step 7.

  15. dublon

    Now in device manager I dont have any WorelessAppleMouse, I folowed the steps described by you, scroll function doesnt work, only right and left clik 🙁
    In Device Manager is only HID.
    I’ve tried to force the upgrade but after that the issue with yellow mark apeared and mouse didnt work at all.
    Any ideea to remove autoinstall of the old driver?

    1. George Tasioulis Post author

      Sorry, I can’t help you further on this..
      Maybe it’s some kind of incompatibility with another driver or device.

      Try it on another PC or on a fresh Windows installation to make sure it’s not a hardware issue on your Magic Mouse. If it works on another computer fine, then somethings wrong with your current setup.

  16. dublon

    no is not working, I tried to install on another XP PC, maybe this driver is only for WIN7, on win7 I tried and worked.
    thakns anyway

  17. Michael

    Well this isn’t good. I tried to uninstall and reinstall Boot Camp and lost Boot Camp Services completely. Trackpad only left-clicks, while the magic mouse magically still left and right clicks. I get a 2753 error code when I try to install 3.1.

  18. ClintWeisbrod

    The mouse looks sexy enough, and it WAS working on my Bootcamp Windows 7 for a while, but not anymore. Still works when I boot into Mac. “Connecting to device….” never connects. Very fed-up with this. I’ve tried all the things mentioned here. It JUST DOESN’T WORK!!!

  19. Jb Bubu

    everything went fine until step 8, but when I use a pair of BT dongle and BlueSoleil for the pair …. MOUSE only the PC installs a standard drive and could not enconctrar the new drive in the drives list and not include it manually in the “Have Disk”, the mouse works perfectly (right, left and drive) but does not work the scroll. .. WHAT DO I DO??

      1. Jb Bubu

        I can not find the drive the option to update drivers ….. and if I try to find your mouse …. not found …. when I click on it and pair it already installed in the BlueSoleil as common mouse

  20. Didymus85

    You are a good man! I tried for many hours to find a good way to make this mouse to work. Many search results led back to uneasysilence’s page, but none of the links on the page work. All in all I am very happ that I stumble apon this page. Thanks again!

  21. Darryl Slater

    Great walkthrough man! Worked according to your instructions.

    I’m still getting some lag every 15 or 20 seconds where the cursor stutters. (x64 installation).

    Do you have any experience with resolving that?

  22. dc

    using dell 1564 with windows 7 enterprise 64 bit with dell 365 wireless bluetooth module

    the magic mouse works with everything, clicks, scrolling, but no middle click function. any chance you know how to fix this?

    i have extracted and installed the latest 64bit bluetooth drivers from apple bootcamp 3.1

    thank you


  23. Mark

    Excelent article! Thanks!

    Like you George, I got the mouse for free from a friend. I would have never purchased it. MS mice are more usable for anyone with larger hands. It is pretty though. 🙂

    Doesn’t have all the features as it does in Snow Leopard, but that is expected from the childish and selfish behavior that Apple is famous for on thier Glitzware products.
    Our hardware, our software. It’s mine, it’s mine, it’s mine!!!

  24. leslie

    First of all, thank you for showing us the steps by step on how to make magic mouse to work on PCs!!
    What if I’ve already had Bootcamp installed when I purchased my PC?
    Since I keep getting the messages saying “It’s been installed,and I don’t need it”!!! I am so confused since I don’t know how to locate that Bootcamp. I just downloaded 7-zip but don’t know if it’s necessary. Can you please tell me what to do? I can use the magic mouse with Bluetooth, but no scroll or swipe HELP PLEASE!!! 🙁 🙁

    Thanks in advance!

    1. George Tasioulis Post author

      Are you sure you have Bootcamp installed since you purchased your PC…?

      Anyway, the instructions above don’t mention anything about installing Bootcamp, so it has nothing to do whether you already have it installed or not. You only need to download the appropriate package (32 or 64 bit depending on your Windows version) and extract the files, so that you can locate and install the drivers for the Magic Mouse.
      So I would suggest you just go through the instructions again from step 1, complete them and then see if your Magic Mouse works correctly.

  25. ab

    I don’t have a magic mouse but your instructions also worked for the apple wireless keyboard! I just needed to use Binary.Keyboard_Bin. Then I installed the driver, and the function key finally worked! Thanks! (function key didn’t work with the driver that windows automatically found, but this driver worked!)

  26. hereiwoz

    Hey George… great tutorial thank you.

    Everything works great. But then when my PC goes to sleep and comes back on the magic mouse is no longer connected and I have to plug in a usb mouse to add bluetooth device etc all over again (apple wireless keyboard is fine however)… which kinda defeats the object.

    Do you have a fix for me?

    Thanks again bro… great job!

  27. Vaios

    George, Thanks for the excellent installation instructions. I followed them and managed to set up the Magic Mouse in my Windows 7 laptop in just a few minutes. You must feel proud for the valuable help you provide to all of us that want to use this device in a laptop. Keep it up.

  28. abhi

    try it in telugu language its amazing plsssss
    its working , its amazing
    its pathetic its cute pls try it’ll defintly connect the mouse

  29. Manoj

    Hello George, I had gone through all the postings on this page.I have got toshiba lappy core i5 processor with windows 7 home 64 bit. I tried to do all the steps u have explained..But when I do the second unzip,that is from BootCampUpdate64.msp, I get lot of files,but don’t get any folders in it..Any idea?? Please help..

  30. dhaval

    i followed your instructions to the last bit and even installed the driver files using DPINST file… but when i go to add a bluetooth device, it still does not find the magic mouse.

    Please help out.


  31. BG_King

    Worked perfectly as described, thanks.

    looking forward to get update on the two finger swipe features.

  32. Babu

    Can any one one let me know if they anyone have tried with Acer S3 ultrabook?
    I wanna buy this device but afraid if it will not work with Acer S3 Ultrabook ( i5) version.
    Please advice me.


  33. Babu

    Will this mouse work with Non apple PC or have to have only apple MacBook?
    Please give me some idea.

    1. George Tasioulis Post author

      Hey Babu,

      All you need is a Bluetooth dongle on your PC and you’re good to go. I’m using it on a desktop PC with an ASUS motherboard and i7 Intel CPU.

      // G.

  34. afiz


    I installed driver v3.0.0.6. Everything OK except that bluetooth connection often drops – not sure yet what is the cause.

    Anyone has the latest driver?
    Anyone has similar problem with this setup?

    Thanks for feedback

  35. Varun Vats


    The folder organization seems to have changed in the latest version of BootCamp (which is 3.3 right now). Following is what I had to do:

    Step 1: Same as above.
    Step 2: Right click on the downloaded file -> 7zip -> Extract Here.
    Step 3: In the extracted folder, go into the folder named “.rsrc”.
    Step 4: Go into the folder named “0” (note, this is a zero and not the alphabet ‘O’).
    Step 5: Go into the folder named “MSP_RESOURCE”.
    Step 6: You should find two files named something like “UPDATE32” and “UPDATE64”. I believe the last two numbers in the name refer to 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the operating systems.
    Step 7: Right click on the file that is appropriate for your operating system. That is, right click on “UPDATE32” if your OS is 32-bit and on “UPDATE64” if your OS is 64 bit.
    Step 8: Go to 7-Zip -> Open Archive and extract the contents of this folder (remember, the entire folder, not just a few files) into an appropriate location.
    Step 8: Open up the folder named “BootCamp3303ToBootCamp3302”. Note, there should be NO ‘#’ sign in the beginning of the name of this folder.
    Step 9: Extract the file named “Binary.AppleWirelessMouse_Bin” into an appropriate folder. This is the file (compressed) that contains the drivers for the Apple Magic Mouse. I simply called it “AppleMagicMouseDrivers”. Note, there are also files that correspond to the Apple Keyboard and such, so to use these other Apple products with Windows 7, you could do the following steps with these files too.
    Step 10: Double click on “DPInst.exe” to start the installation. This may take a while; just hang on.
    Step 11: Disconnect your Apple mouse if it is already connected to any other device.
    Step 12: Turn your Magic Mouse on, click Start, type Add a Bluetooth device on the search box, and Press Enter.
    Step 13: Windows will say something like “Bluetooth Mouse” found.
    Step 14: I forgot what exactly the steps were beyond this point, but they should be fairly intuitive. I also found that Windows takes a while to install some drivers at this point, so be patient.
    Step 15: Restart your computer if necessary. I found that Windows indicated this to me by showing the shield sign on the “Shut down” button in “Start”, but I found my mouse to working perfectly.

    Hope that helps.

  36. John

    Hey George, i basically did everything and got the dpinst.exe and installed the driver successfully, but when i connect my magic mouse to my computer it identifies it as an “apple magic mouse” but in the device manager it sees it as an HID mouse. i then tried to locate the mouse drivers manually but could only find drivers for the mighty mouse, which won’t enable scrolling. the left and right click work though. any help would be great! thanks in advance!

  37. Matess

    Driver and mouse works great, than you. But sometilmes I have BSoD (blue screen of death) a the reason is file applebmt.sys, and the file is component of this driver. My laptop is U400 Lenovo. The BSoD i ussually after wakeup from sleep or hybernate.
    Have somebody the same problem a could me help to fix it?

  38. David Ferreira

    I’ve installed the mouse drivers, then found it through Bluetooth, pair it sucessfully, however… if i turn the mouse off or the PC off… it wont reconnect automatically, i must pair it again manually…

    Any idea why?

  39. Geoff

    Great work….however I have tried both download links for 64 bit, W7. Unistalled Bluestack and downloaded again. Using Toshiba Z930.
    Still do not have the scroll…do you have any other suggestions

  40. Dennis

    I´ve installed the divers succesfully…but my pc won´t show me this little message in the ricght down site….
    after the wizard nothing happens…..i can´t move my arrow -.-

    i follow your instructions step by step until the end but then nothing happens and my mouse still won´t working….

    sorry for bad english, i´m from germany 😀

  41. Eduardo

    I have followed all the steps and installed everything. Although my bluetooth recognizes the mouse “mouse from Eduardo” I cannot add it in devices as you show in the latest step. The mouse works, but not the scroll 🙁


  42. Amber

    I have also followed these steps. My comp sees my mouse but the pointer wont move. I know the mouse works because I just used it with my mac laptop the other day.

  43. bob wootton

    Hi, found this tutorial while trying to get full functionality from my Apple Magic Mouse on my Samsung Series 5 Ultra laptop.

    I downloaded the 64-bit version of Bootcamp successfully, but when I try to open it I get a dialogue box telling me I must have v3.0 installed to proceed. I can;t find this anywhere so I’m stuck. Any advice? Thanks!

    1. George Tasioulis Post author

      Hi Bob,

      You don’t want to open the bootcamp file, what you want to do is extract it’s contents in order to get the Magic Mouse driver.
      I’d recommend you to use 7zip for this, it works pretty well.

      – G.

  44. aravind

    I’ve followed the instructions step by step. A dialogue box saying “Apple wireless mouse installed successfully ” has also popped up on my dock.
    , but nothing happens yet. My mouse doesn’t work. The “Apple Magic Mouse” icon just disappears from the “Devices and printers” in my control pannel. I also tried using the latest drivers posted by lol in the comments, but to no avail.
    Mine is an AcerAspire 4710 with Intel Centrino Duo processor, and windows 7 os. What can I do to make it work?

    1. George Tasioulis Post author

      Hello Aravind,

      Did you make sure your Bluetooth adaptor is enabled? Can you see the Magic Mouse and/or the Bluetooth adaptor in your device manager?
      Since you saw a message saying that the Magic Mouse was installed successfully, this means that at least for some time the Bluetooth connection was working.

      – G.

  45. Sachin


    Works great on installation however I still have the BSoD error message pop up after Laptop wakes. Error message points to applebmt.sys and I have to reboot, loosing all work.

    I’ve tried reinstalling the driver to, but still no luck.

    Dell Latitude, Windows 8.1 64bit.


  46. Ed

    Thanks for posting this oh so long ago. Glad that it still works. Dunno if that’s due to luck or Apple never updating BootCamp. Either way, cheers

  47. Johan Wahyudi

    I already installed driver succesfully , turned on the magic mouse, bluetooth is on, but mouse still not appear after click Add Device…any suggestion ?

  48. Al

    Have never before enjoyed scrolling with my mm A google search led me here and d loaded the driver for win 7 from your comments above. Wow, painless, effortless, works and the scrolling now sure is a lot of fun and very functional too. Thanks for taking the time to post this George. Cheers!

  49. jesuschild777

    George you are the man. After trying some trial for the mouse license I thought all hope was lost, but thank God I found you!

    Work perfect every step, just instead of a 303 folder I had a 305, other than that, smooth.

    Thanks again George.

    BTW does this include two finger and zoom?

  50. Jerome

    Hi, I try today to install the driver for a MagicPad2 and don’t find the described files after unzip, do you have any solution please ?

  51. Peter

    Hi there,

    thank you very much!!!

    I started to follow your steps from begining, but got stuck at point where I got error message about language. I even edited .xml file but that didn’t help. Had to download bootcamp 3.3 and followed your steps and magicly it is working 🙂 even scrolling is working 🙂

    Thank you once again

  52. Roberto

    Hello George,

    Great tutorial.

    Windows 7 computer (not a mac)

    However I got stuck in the wizard installation, it says “cannot complete the device driver installation wizard”

    Driver name Apple Inc
    Status failed

    Anyone knows how to fix this?

    Thanks Roberto


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